About Us

What would life be without family and friends - the ones with whom you go through thick and thin, and also always like to Come Together to celebrate life’s special moments. It's no coincidence that the motto for the Winter Season 2017 is COME TOGETHER! Be-cause what season is better to enjoy the most festive time of year together? And we’re merrily contributing our part to make every celebration a real highlight with our festive 2017/2018 fashion trends. Especially with shimmering party outfits in velvet and silk. In addition to classic black, metallic tones in copper, red and silver are particularly popular as festive evening dresses, flowing skirts and even bomber jackets – a real eye-catcher featured in bright velvet red as part of the Casual Collection. A pinch of lurex or a shiny accessory gives your outfit that extra glitter and shine. But elegant styles are not only part of the Womenswear collection, there are plenty of festive styles for Menswear and Kidswear, too. Whether it’s a trendy black suit with a vest or striking green velvet jacket - a stylish celebration is guaranteed for everyone. Come together ... and shine!

You not only can gift yourself a chic outfit… Your sweetheart, loved ones and best friends will be delighted to receive a lovingly chosen Style from you. Or you can browse through Home, where you will also find beautiful and inspiring gift ideas for creating a cozy home - what's even more comfortable when you cuddle up on the sofa with wonderfully soft Loungewear or Casual Homewear. Come together ... and feel cozy!